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Nymphs and Streamers - getting down!

Take your fly to the BIG fish

Seeing a fish rise to a dry fly is the ultimate thrill for fly fishers, but the sad fact is that 99% of the time, trout are feeding underwater. In this class you will learn how to take the game to the fish instead of trying to coax them to the surface. When your fly is presented at eye level, the chance for hooking up is increased by an order of magnitude. Almost all trophy fish are taken subsurface.Most nymph and streamer anglers blindly drift or drag their flies and hope for the best without truly understanding what the fish want to see and how to deliver it. This single day will be a turning point that will change the way you fish the the rest of your life.

We will teach you where fish are, what they are looking for, and how to make your fly behave like the food it is supposed to imitate. The morning will be spent in the classroom learning about fish and their foods. The entire afternoon will be spent on the Truckee River learning how to read the water, find the fish, and present your nymphs and streamers like you never have before. Lots of hands-on practice in various water types and fishing situations.

Nymphs and Streamers
2014 Dates

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Cost $299. per student
Includes Lunch and all equipment.