Ansel Adams Wilderness

High Sierra fishing at its best, served on a silver platter

Every day is yesterday in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Yesterday as in, "You should have been here yesterday." Fishing is almost always good. The lakes can be challenging, but the creeks give up trout at an amazing rate. Read More

Truckee River

The hardest river I've ever fished, it's also the most fun.

The Truckee is an irresistible river to fish. The first white person to set eyes on the Truckee, General Frémont, immediately had to fish it. He and his men enjoyed many days of fishing its waters and feasting on its bounty of Lahontan Cutthroat trout. Read More

Little Truckee River

A tailwater fishery that thrives despite the best we can do to screw it up

The Little Truckee River originates from the snowmelt of Mt. Lola. It meanders through Perazzo Meadows, underneath highway 89, and ultimately pours into the Stampede Reservoir impoundment. The upper reaches of the "Little T" flow into and out of private property and US Forest Service Lands. Read More

Martis Lake

Past her prime but still a good dog to kick around.

Despite its somewhat austere shoreline of gravel and sagebrush, Martis is a flyfisher's dream. The lake is a veritable soup of insects, scuds, snails and baitfish: perfect for growing big trout fast. Read More


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