Tips & Trivia

Golden Trout: Past, Present, & Future

The world's most coveted trout -vs- the State's most inept agency

150 years ago, almost all Sierra Nevada waters were barren of trout. Other than very limited areas of the Truckee, Carson and Kern River drainages, trout were unable to ascend from their lowland domain to infiltrate the high country Read More

The Golden Trout

The golden rules for high Sierra prospectors.

The golden trout is larger than life. It is not just a trout, but an embodiment of trout fishing taken, literally, to it’s highest realm. Because they dwell in the highest, starkest and most remote terrain in this country, the pursuit of goldens is not a casual affair. Read More

Myths, Legends, Lies, and other Fishing Facts

Flyfishing: 200 years of tradition unencumbered by progress.

Repeat a lie enough times and what do you have? Another lie. There are numerous myths, legends and lies regarding trout and fishing for them. Here are a few to chew on... Read More

Flyfishing Tips

Tips and Tricks for fishing

Weigh your catch with a tape measure, knots and lines, catch and release for the future, the Beaufort wind scale, and fishing dry and wet flies. Read More

All That Glitters

How to make your fly irresistible to trout.

Most aquatic insects create or trap bubbles of gas at some time in their lives. These bubbles are utilized for respiration, buoyancy, and as an aid for escaping the sub adult form. Whatever reason these insects use bubbles, all reveal themselves to trout as dazzling, quicksilver images that appear to glow with an inner light. Bubble encrusted insects look like living jewels. Read More

Streamer Strategies

Put streamers to work and start tagging the big ones.

Over the years of guiding and teaching I've browsed through hundreds of fly boxes and virtually all contained at least one streamer with its tell tale slip of leader dangling from the eye. When asked, the owner of the box would usually admit that he or she used the streamer once or twice then put it into retirement because it "didn't work." Read More


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